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Step 1: Get Apple's Dashcode Beta Utility
  1. It’s called “Widgets”
  2. This Is The Mac’s Best All-in-One Unit Converter And Calculator App

It’s called “Widgets”

There are 20 different categories in the moving lefthand sidebar; from Acceleration and Angle to Length and Magnitude to Time and Volume, and many more. Tabs at the top of Converter let you select Geometry, Finance, Physics, Addition and Multiplication, Health, Bases, and Weight, each with different options to match the requirements; including physics equations. Converter features over 30 financial formulas and calculations, 18 physics formulas and calculations, and an option to covert between bases from 2 to Another joy of widgets: Outside developers could make them, too.

An entire ecosystem cropped up….

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MacDailyNews Take: Ah, memories, of a feature we never used. Longtime Mac users never really embraced the Dashboard. Yes, we knew it was there and how to get to it and we even made a MacDailyNews widget for it way back when , but the Dashboard was never something we ever got in the habit of using. There are more available via the Mac App Store. The problem is it was never coded properly and the positions of widgets would change or sometimes not work or partially work.

It was always an unfinished software project at Apple so thanks for nothing Apple. I use it every day.

Upgraded to beta Went back to Was a great feature in the OS to quickly get at weather, stocks, package tracking, conversions, calendar. I too have always used Dashboard. I kept it available at a space—available with a swipe.

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I found it a good place to have my units conversion app, which I use a lot. It also converts currency, which I also use.

This Is The Mac’s Best All-in-One Unit Converter And Calculator App

Pick one from each side, then slide up and down with your finger to see the conversion change in real time, or use the number pad for instead. A tiny star under each conversion unit saves that option as a favorite. While most unit conversion apps go overboard with user interface gloss at the expense of usability, Convoto is gleefully straightforward by comparison.

My only request would be to add a variety of color themes—the existing options are almost too colorful or too plain, so it would be nice to have a pleasant middle ground with shades of a single color, for example. Amazon is selling some iPad Pro models for the lowest prices ever. Grab highly rated Bluetooth speakers for cheap in Amazon's one-day Prime

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