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  1. Step 2: Install CRAN R
  2. Andrea Cirillo
  3. UpdateR package: update R version with a function (on MAC OSX) - Andrea Cirillo
  4. R Compiler Tools for Rcpp on macOS
  5. R & RStudio Setup

Step 2: Install CRAN R

The reality is a bit more complicated. The following short steps will make your life easier.

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If you want to continue using R with all the packages you previously had installed, the best way is to save the list of packages you currently have before installing a new R version. You can do so with these lines of code:. Ok, now you have a list of installed packages. For example, for a Mac that would be R Install it as usual.

Andrea Cirillo

By now you have a new R version installed but without all your favorite packages. So, how do you install them? You just need to open your latest list of installed packages and install them. But the following code will work for you even if all the packages you use are from CRAN. Next, get the list of current R packages you have installed.

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  • R 3.6.1 "Action of the Toes" released on 12222/07/05.
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  • Every new R installation comes with a few of them the base packages. Some of your favorite R packages might only exist via GitHub.

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    This list is likely short since most packages get distributed via CRAN. This has been a bit problematic for many R users since OS X Mavericks, which resulted in gfortran binaries being dropped from the R installer. More curiously, the additional demand to have access to a compiler vs. If you previously used either the clang4 , clang6 , or the macos-rtools installer, please consider deleting the old components that were installed. In the prior configuration for R 3.

    From R 3.

    UpdateR package: update R version with a function (on MAC OSX) - Andrea Cirillo

    Note: If you are upgrading from R 3. Please see the instructions at Removing the old R gfortran binary for assistance in removing the binary. One of the primary ways to setup the R toolchain for compiled code on macOS is to individually installing each element yourself.

    There are three components to the R 3. These components are:. Deleting all the left overs of R is not that easy, you need to find all the location where rhas saved the files.

    R Compiler Tools for Rcpp on macOS

    Step 1. Select R which you need to remove in the list, easily hit Run Analysis button;.

    General Installation Issues

    Step 2. Step 3. The tool will easily delete all the related folders and flies scanned in Step 2, now press Back to Step 1 and click Refresh , R is gone from the list.

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    Now, R is gone for good with all associated files left in macOS computer, users have no need to clean the leftovers themselves manually. Learn more details in this video:.

    R & RStudio Setup

    After uninstalling R, your personalized settings are preserved in the R-Desktop directory. This remains on your system in case you decide to reinstall R. If you wish to delete this hidden directory, it is stored in the following locations:. You probably have hidden. Rhistory and.