I cant install office 2008 updates for mac

If at first you can't install, re-install
  1. I can't install Office for Mac updates
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  • Microsoft AutoUpdate for Office for Mac offers incorrect version updates!
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Wow, wow. Thanks for the great info. Thank you kindly. Worked a treat. This has been annoying me for months!

You made me so happy! This has been driving me crazy, and your solution worked perfectly. Thank you so much. Thank you so much!! This has been driving me crazy for months!! It worked for me perfectly!

I can't install Office for Mac updates

Really well explained and easy to follow, thank you! It was making me crazy. Changing the dns worked well. Updated fine. Thanks, man! Did the tricks too, solved in thirty seconds : Thanks a lot! Beatrice Zelenko. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Computer Repairs, Help and Support – Perth

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When I downloaded and ran the update from the MicroSoft website it worked fine. The reason this happens is because the update installer sees that there is a receipt in the receipt folder claiming that the update has already been installed. It's very common if you reinstall Office from the CD it will put an older version on than what you previous had, then you go to run the updates again and it thinks it does not need it because the receipt folder shows the history of the previous updates. In my experience all you have to do is remove all the "Office" receipts in the receipt folder before you reinstall from the CD and all will be well.

I was having a similar problem when I had several updates in a row come through. I had a much simpler solution - I repaired permissions on the startup drive and then rebooted. That allowed me to install the next update without any problem.

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I've seen this problem on several Macs. Reinstalling Office does work, but it is insane of Microsoft to suggest that this is an acceptable solution. The next time there's a new update, the problem recurs all over again.

Another certified piece of crap from Microsoft! Thanks to those who suggested simpler fixes. If they work, updating Office will definitely be a little less painful.

The Apple OS

I had the same problem. It was caused by removing the unnecessary additional languages that are installed. It's always easy to blame things on a third party but this really looks like more of an Apple problem to me right now. What I think I'm needing is someone that can help me get the Apple Installer. There are no local apple stores; that's why I'm asking for help here. If anyone else has any ideas other than "follow the directions", I'm all ears and ready to learn.

Jun 25, PM in response to mbf In response to mbf I would suggest that you re-look over the instructions. The only installer app you need to be aware of is the one on the installation instructions.

Office 2016 for Mac

One thing I might recommend is looking over Mac so you can get a little more familiar with the Mac OS. If the machine is new it almost certainly has Snow Leopard You can find out for sure by clicking on the Apple symbol in the upper left of the screen and choosing About this Mac. Again if you can't figure it out I would recommend either making an appointment at an Apple Store or you can call Apple's support line you have 90 days of free phone support at and a tech will be able to walk you through the installation.

Jun 25, PM in response to rkaufmann87 In response to rkaufmann87 Will do. If I can't get something figured out in a day or two, I'll call the help line. I think the nearest Apple store is over three hours away so that isn't an option. Thanks for the Mac tip. I'll definitely look into that as well. I'm sure it will be helpful with many other things even if it isn't able to help with this particular issue.

Another issue might be that this isn't an off the shelf retail version. I'm sure I'll get it figured out eventually. Jun 25, PM in response to mbf In response to mbf It installs the same way. I'm sure you will figure it out too and when you do you're going to laugh about how complex you made it. It's OK you just have 20 years of Microsoft experience that gives you the expectation using a computer is difficult.

I was there too 3 years ago before I switched to Macs. Jun 28, AM in response to mbf In response to mbf Well, I was finally able to get this issue straightened out and it was, in fact, a Mac issue, and not a Microsoft issue. Just as I'd originally suggested, there was something wrong with my original installation and somehow the Installer.

This was screwing up this and every other installation we attempted. We had to reinstall OS X and, after that, everything straightened up. User profile for user: Templeton Peck Templeton Peck. Jun 28, PM in response to mbf In response to mbf Thanks for the heads up but this wasn't an Office or a Microsoft issue.