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A ratio is a comparison of two numbers. We generally separate the two numbers in the ratio with a colon :. Suppose we want to write the ratio of 4 and 3.

We can write this as common ratio for data or common ratio for video material. The resolution is the accuracy of the image that the projector casts. Home cinema users - please note the majority of dedicated home cinema projectors project a native widescreen image and fall into one of three resolution categories - WVGA x pixels , WSVGA x pixels or WXGA x pixels.

The 'W' stands for 'Wide'. If you use a PC, you can check which signal you're using. Go to Control Panel and select 'Display', then click the Settings tab. Next to 'Screen Area' you'll see a slider which shows what resolution you're using. If it's x, you use SVGA. If it's x, you use XGA. You can move this slider and press 'OK' to see the difference between the resolutions.

If you use a Mac, you can check which signal you are using by going to the 'Monitors', 'Displays' or 'Monitors and Sound' control panel depending on which Mac OS version you are using. Most projectors sold today are XGA. This is because most computers sold today are moving to XGA resolution as standard.

LED Computer Projectors | eBay

The time it takes for a pixel to turn on and off. Response time is a good indication of how fast motion such as video or computer animation will appear on the projected image. Are you taking your projector on the road or leaving it in the board room? If you are on the move, you'll appreciate having a projector that's as portable as you can afford. Thankfully, today's projectors are smaller than ever, with the lightest at around 0. However, the desktop models still have more features and represent better value if the projector is going to stay in one place.

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Limited to maximum 5 units per order. Cannot be used with any other offer. Contrast Ratio If you're concerned about picture quality, don't just look at brightness. Keystone Correction 'Keystoning' is the name given to the effect on the projected image when the projector sits below or above the centre of the screen.

Lamp Hours A standard lamp lasts for about hours of projecting. Lens Shift Lens shift is generally a feature of high-end projectors or specialist home cinema models. This is a better method of producing a square image, rather than using keystone correction as the correction with lens shift is achieved optically rather than digitally resulting in no loss of quality Lens shift can also be useful for fine-tuning the position of the projected image on your screen Ratio In general, a ratio is a way of concisely showing the relationship between two quantities of something.

We can write this as common ratio for data or common ratio for video material Resolution The resolution is the accuracy of the image that the projector casts. The cable provided has two USB slots on one end and a proprietary Acer-made figure-of-eight connection on the other.

Acer c110 Projector in windows 8, 8.1 and windows 10

There's also a small fake-felt bag for the C, though it's so snug it's hard to fit the projector inside, and there's no room for the USB cable. It's with its bulb that the C shows its true colours. Besides the C's connector slot is a DC power input, though there's nothing in the box.

That's a shame since the only other way to achieve full brightness is to be sure to use both USB terminals on a laptop, or else the brightness dims. With that in mind we went looking for the darkest recesses of our test rooms to give the C a try. Setting-up the C isn't difficult at all, but nor is it flexible. There's almost nothing to it; plug it in to a laptop's USB slots and — after engaging auto-play of an EXE file stored on the C itself — drivers installed on the C itself will mirror or extend the desktop.

On the bottom of the C is a tiny kickstand, but it's so small that we can't see any use for it.

It may raise the image slightly, but doing so creates a mis-aligned image — and there's no keystone correction to address that problem. Having sat the C on a coffee table opposite a projection screen in a complete blackout, we settled on a inch image from about 1. There's actually nothing else to detain us here aside from a slightly sticky manual focus dial — what with there being no user interface or any kind of image adjustments — so we'll move on to the quality of the projected image.

It's good, but not great, with the main issue being its lack of brightness.

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Crack open the curtains to let some daylight in, and the C's impressive images fade alarmingly, so we'd recommend only using it in situations where you know you'll be able to predict or control the light levels. Contrast — rated at 1, — is surprisingly significant, with a mono Powerpoint presentation in our arsenal containing both clean, pure-looking white and reasonably convincing black.

Less is more on this astonishingly small DLP LED Pico projector

The image is noticeably not HD quality, but crisp and precise enough. However, steer away from fine or small text — the C performs best with big, bold fonts.

Acer pico c120 wvga digital projector mac

Add a little colour and the C does well, with graphs and graphics rendered with just enough lustre to impress. At 35 decibels, the C is whisper-quiet compared to most projectors, though it doesn't have the built-in speakers now common on beamers of all sizes; on a projector this tiny that would be pointless since it's smaller than the laptop it must be connected to. The tiny size and — almost as useful — lack of bulky power pack and remote control makes the C mightily tempting.